Finding Peace in a Pandemic

We all need to feel informed, but I think we all know better than to watch the unending news coverage. Nothing like this has ever hit our country with schools and businesses closing and the huge drops in the stock market, but most of us are okay and will be okay.

There seems to be more suffering about what in our daily lives we are missing. We are missing sports, missing concerts, missing parties, and those high school seniors who we graduate this spring and missing some of those moments of a lifetime with proms and parties and tearful good-byes.

Who knows what we are to do?

As teachers, we immediately gathered every resource from the internet to start providing e-learning for our students. I was collecting free resources like a panic shopper in a Wal-mart. Until we got a email from our superintendent to stop doing that. We couldn’t even go to our classrooms today to pick up personal stuff. I have eggs in the incubator, house plants, and a new curriculum to review for next year.

But what if you were given a gift on a month of no outside commitments?

Hmmmmm…. make a list of things you want to do.

  1. read books
  2. go for a hike or a walk everyday
  3. spring cleaning
  4. write letters or emails to family and friends
  5. revisit the craft materials you had intentions of doing & didn’t. Use or toss.
  6. watch movies on you list
  7. get some spring yard work done
  8. dig out the some saved recipes you never made
  9. create a workout challenge
  10. learn a new program/skill through website
  11. visit online museums & virtual tours on the links you set to you students
  12. dig out that idea for a novel or poem
  13. look at the ancestry chart- do research
  14. coffee on the patio, or by the window and watch the birds
  15. dust on an instrument you wanted to play
  16. make food from scratch
  17. count your blessings

Most importantly rethink about your priorities about what you really want to do with your time.

3 thoughts on “Finding Peace in a Pandemic

  1. I love this line: “I was collecting free resources like a panic shopper in a Wal-mart. ” Even more, I love your idea of framing this as a gift of time. I’ve gotten myself wound up tonight, and this idea is helping me breathe a little more calmly. Thanks!


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