What I have learned today

I feel like I have become a collector of websites so I can suggest opportunities. Because I don’t want to just forward junk, I have been on a virtual world tour today. I got to meet Fiona the baby hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo at http://cincinnatizoo.org/. That was super fun, I got to see herContinue reading “What I have learned today”

Finding Peace in a Pandemic

We all need to feel informed, but I think we all know better than to watch the unending news coverage. Nothing like this has ever hit our country with schools and businesses closing and the huge drops in the stock market, but most of us are okay and will be okay. There seems to beContinue reading “Finding Peace in a Pandemic”

Quotes during the field trip to the Sheriff’s Office

We took a field trip to the sheriff’s office today and here are a few quote and comments from the day: “Where are the bandits, so we can cop them?” “Where is the jail?” “This the map of the whole county all the way up to Minnesota, and we are responsible for the safety ofContinue reading “Quotes during the field trip to the Sheriff’s Office”

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