….and come back anytime

March is reading month, so our school invites guest readers into the classrooms to help promote the joy of reading. And it is a mixed bag. Reading to a classroom of wiggly children, if done well, is more of a reading performance. Not everyone can do silly voices, but a good reader pulls the kidsContinue reading “….and come back anytime”

Mrs. Johnston, Jimmy Just Puked

“Mrs. Johnston, Jimmy just puked!” said Jack and I just sat down at the lunch table of the cafeteria at the school. Everyone’s milk was open, the class was settled and I had just gotten a taste of my soup as I realized it was barely luke warm. I looked down the table and JimmyContinue reading “Mrs. Johnston, Jimmy Just Puked”

The Spade Invaders are Here

As most of you know, five year olds have a hard time keeping their hands to themselves and understanding personal space. We touch everything that is interesting! Therefore, we have been reading social stories about how we should behave and some have cute little stories. I have read a story which calls our personal spaceContinue reading “The Spade Invaders are Here”

And the lamb comes in….#sol20

Peer pressure is a dangerous thing, and so I am starting my first blog in “The Slice of Life”. The man I live with is a bully and has under gone a journey into teaching writing and then again and stepped into another discipline of social studies. There is a lot more reading there thanContinue reading “And the lamb comes in….#sol20”

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