And When the Cows got Out- page 9 -10

Della sputtered and jumped backward, and lost her footing and tumbled down the steep hill next to the creek and fell in a heap. 

“Della! “ Yelled Annabelle, but she stopped at the top of the hill frightened by the slope and let out a  “Mooo!”

Della scrambled to feet, but each time she tried to climb the hill, she lost her footing and slide back down, “Ooooph, I am stuck!” she said to Annabelle.  She was scared. 


The hill reached a long way down the valley and turned along the path. “What do we dooOOOOooo?” cried Annabelle pawing at the slope of the hill. “We need some mooOOOo help!”

“What is it?” cackled the Red-Winged Blackbird.

“What is it?” whispered the butterfly.

“This is trouble,” said Della. “When there is trouble, get the dog!”

7 thoughts on “And When the Cows got Out- page 9 -10

    1. I did this for a grad class and it is so much fun! The writing is the easy part. The pictures, I hand draw and scan into the computer to paint with the Krita app — it is free!!


    1. I’ve the story done for a week. The pictures are taking a lot of time. Most should be there, but I want find a digital book program to put in all in. That will have to follow on a Tuesday.
      Thank you for your interest in my story!!


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