And When the Cows Got Out- page 5 & 6

“Well, why no,” Annabelle said, “But nice to meet you!  Do you live in this pasture?”
“No, I am just passing through, but these are some of the tastiest milkweed I have found today. “

Della sniffed at the milkweed and found it sticky and bitter, but being polite, she didn’t want to disagree with the beautiful butterfly. “Where are you going?’ she asked. 
“I am not sure where,” and he wiggled his antennae, “but l have a feeling it is this way,” and he pointed with his antennae towards the open field, and off he flew.

3 thoughts on “And When the Cows Got Out- page 5 & 6

  1. This is lovely! I haven’t read the earlier pages, but am drawn in. I love the butterfly’s dialogue and how Della didn’t want to disagree about how tasty the milkweed was. The drawings are so fun, too. I love the closeups of the cows’ noses.


  2. Well, a polite cow! I like the zoom in close up. I am starting to draw illustrations. I turn people into rabbits. 🙂 Isn’t it fun?


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