And When the Cows Got Out- page 4

They followed along the fence towards the back of the pasture. Della found a new flower to sniff that was  bright orange and wondered if it smelled as tasty as the sweet clover. 
She stopped and this flower moved. It fluttered through the air and landed on another flower and the petals opened and closed. 
“What is that?” Della asked. Annabelle approached cautiously and the flower opened its petals and closed them again.  As she moved closer she saw eyes. 
“It has eyes,” Annabelle said to the scared Della. “This is beautiful.”

One thought on “And When the Cows Got Out- page 4

  1. Of course I had to go back and start at the beginning! I live in an area with lots of dairy farms so this was fun to imagine my cow neighbors out for an adventure. I’ll be back for the next installment! Della and Annabelle living the good life!


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