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Della and Annabelle stepped out onto the grass that was soft and sweet.  It made them want to run and kick in the warm sunshine. And it smelled delicious.! 

Della stopped quick and the smelled the grass. She snorted and the grass swayed away. She sniffed and it came near her nose, and it tasted sweet!. Her tough whip out and grabbed a bunch as her teeth clipped on the grass. 
“Mmmmm,” she thought until she stepped closer to a big round pink topped one with bristles in the center.  It was tall and smell different than the grass.  

Annabelle came dancing up with grass in her mouth.
“What is that?” she said and sniffed so deeply that she sneezed with a big snort. 
Della waggled her ears and looked up as the busy barn swallow who had spent the morning building her nest in the rafters above the hay bunk came flying out the barn door.

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