Start with an old-fashion outline

Title: ????

Characters: Della & Annabelle, Winnie

Setting: spring morning out to the pasture


I. Intro paragraph.

The sun was beginning to shine and growing warmer with each day. The new green sprouts were reaching up to reach the suns warm as the fresh spring wind blew in to welcome summer.

Maddy came in the cozy warm barn to offer breakfast to Della and Annabelle as each morning. Two slices of dried hay and two scoops of the dried corn mix from last summer. Both calves mooed their approval and they stretched and jostled to reach into the bucket Maddy carried.

“Settled down girls,” Maddy scolded gently as she poured in the grain and scratched the calves necks as they ate. ” It is such a nice day, I have treat for you. How about some fresh spring grass for dessert,” and she opened the heavy barn door into the south pasture. The sun reached inside the door and new smells and sounds called the Della and Annabelle to explore.

II. walk through the pasture to explore

A. see a flower

B. see a butterfly

C. see/hear a Red-Winged Blackbird

D. See/hear/feel a icy creek

  1. meet a Rainbow Trout

III Conflict: Stumble scared down the embankment

A. found hope from Winnie the Border Collie

B. down the winding path

C. the fence

IV. Conclusion : the return home

A. tasty treats of the house yard flower garden “How did you get there?”

B. back to the barn.

One thought on “Start with an old-fashion outline

  1. I loved reading your outline. On my run today I saw a red-winged blackbird. Two robins followed me up and down the trail too! Thanks for sharing.


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