Quotes during the field trip to the Sheriff’s Office

We took a field trip to the sheriff’s office today and here are a few quote and comments from the day:

“Where are the bandits, so we can cop them?”

“Where is the jail?”

“This the map of the whole county all the way up to Minnesota, and we are responsible for the safety of 23,000 people.”

“Where is Minnesota? I have been to Minnesota!”

“I have been to Florida!”

“I have been to Texas!” and the officer turns and walks way.

“Hey, there is money on that desk. Can I have the money?”

“Wow, there is a gun!”

“Where is the gun?”

“My dad has a gun.”

“I’m scared.”

“Where is the jail?”

“Where are are the bad guys?”

“Look at the pictures of some old-fashion police cars.”

“Are they all dead?”

“Here is the room where we store the tactical gear. Have you ever seen a movie where cops burst out and take on the bad guys?”

“(crickets….. )”

Do you remember how to tell the difference between the police officers and the sheriff deputies? Police officers wear blue and the the sheriff’s deputies wear …”

“Green?” — “Ah, tan.” The deputy’s looks at his green pants and shrugs and smiles.

“Look, it is a cop car, and another cop car. It’s a parade.”

“I’m hungry, can I have a snack.”

Finally, we are getting ready to take a picture with the police cars and the kids.

“Do you want us with the kids? I can be in this so you have good-looking cop in the picture.”

and it starts to rain…

“It’s raining, we should put our hoods ups.”

“Please, just a quick picture….”

“And now we are all wet.”

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