Going out for lunch?.. try your kids elementary school

It my not be trending, or even get the best reviews, but have you considered spending your lunch break with your kids at school? The kids love it!

We have a trend going on at our school. Being a guest for lunch seems to be they cool thing in our classroom. Our school has a fairly open door policy for lunch. We are the OLD, turn of the century early childhood center, so we have one wave of lunch with about 50-65 kids who eat lunch at our building. We can take as long as we wish to eat, which until the teachers determine there is more playing than eating, and we have plenty of space. Reservations are appreciated but not required.

So as a teacher I mention to parents they are welcome to visit anytime. Nothing happens for awhile, but once that first parent comes, the kid campaign makes it happen. The food is cheap, the company is great– as long as you like children– and the atmosphere is loud and hopping.

You are definitely the cool kid if your mom or dad shows up for lunch. And you are cooler if your dad comes for lunch in full police uniform with his partner. I had one little boy feel the need to tell all of his friends “the cops are here,” as they entered the lunch room. And, yes, they kids could see them by the time to announcement came.

We have had three dads to lunch is three days — yeah dads! I really don’t get to talk to the parents, and it is loud, but they get to have lunch with their son/daughter and their friends. They get to see the craziest of the class as a group at get a taste of what their children do each day. I don’t hear much about it from the kids or parents, but the value is easy to see on the faces of the children. They beam all through lunch.

You are eating lunch anyway, why not find a way to make your child’s day?

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