The Mystic of Music

What is it about music? What is about music that makes the emotional connections? I have never had anything make me instantly cry without any reason. It just happens.

We were able to make another one of my daughters Lyria concerts at Iowa State today. We don’t make them all, but we try to make a lot. She is part of a choir that is for non music majors and we have been going to choir concerts for years and some of the favorite songs cycle through again and again. It is not always about perfection. It is not about putting it all out for a spectacular performance, or extremes of a rock concert. It is about loving music and enjoy singing. I know I sang some of the same songs when I was in choir. I think the music helps me think and bring back memories. It is just the joy of music. Music is joy when people are singing together or just humming to oneself.

Towards the end of the last song, the director started crying. She is retiring soon, so I wasn’t the only one going through memories. And then is spread like fire around the choir until the director grabbed back a little control and told the singers to get off the stage. Nothing like a little reality to put us all to rights.

Music has always moved people and relaxes us and I guess it just catches up off guard and opens us up to feel.

2 thoughts on “The Mystic of Music

  1. First, I love that your daughter chooses to participate in a choir even though she is not a music major. So much healthier and more well-balanced. It sounds, too, like they have a really special choir director, who really loves what she does.


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