Pac Man Lunch

I understand that cooking for the five and under crowd has some unique challenges, but as the adult in the room we seem to get our own challenges with the school lunch program — like decoding the school lunch menu. Like what is a cheese torpedo, and how is Viking mac and cheese different than regular mac and cheese? Today we had turkey sub sandwiches like nobody has seen before.

Our lunches are designed around the high school, which look pretty good in the pictures and then they change it all around for the early childhood crowd until it looks like something totally different. But wait we have one more cool thing about our school lunch program. We have a bakery– like a real one so we get homemade bread– which is really pretty good and and the carbohydrate loving kids always eat the bread. But instead of creative ways of using hot dog buns for school lunches like in other schools our bakers have their own creative outlet in the food. Hence the school’s submarine sandwiches.

The sub sandwich was make out of a loaf of French bread, and because the kids don’t eat much it was about a 2 inch slice and looked like a big circle on the plate. The bread had a good crusty edge, so it held firm for the kids when they opened it up. Kids don’t do toppings so the sandwich was a half slice of cheese and a couple thin slices of turkey. No veggies or dressings.

Any kids worth his/her salt has to inspect this odd shaped thing before tasting it, so they are peaking inside and checking out if the bread is squishable because there is no way they can fit that disk into their mouths, so they are looking for an alternate route like tearing at the soft center. I swear it wasn’t my fault and one of the kids said it first but it hit me. This looks like Pac Man.

I grew up playing Pac Man, so I had to share my knowledge. “Hey guys, look at this!” And I properly demonstrated the Pac Man sounds and motions with sandwich in hand. “Wacka, wacka, wacka! On no here comes the ghosts – run!” Flip the sandwich and move the other way. ” Wacka, wacka, wacka …. Whoopa, oop, op. Now you get to be the ghosts and eat up the Pac Man!”

“Is Pac Man a movie?” one of the kids asked, and then another agreed it was. I was lost by this. I never heard of The Pac Man Movie.

“Doesn’t Pac Man eat the ghosts?” he asked again.

“Only when they turn blue after PacMan eats the power pill,” I asked and wondering if this has some kind of drug reference that I missed in my own childhood and should now avoid.

“Mrs. Johnston, is Pac Man real?” ask another. Cue in the eye roll. “No, it is a computer game and is drawn like a cartoon.”

“Yeah, I watched that movie too,” add another delayed response. Most of the class inspected the sandwich with new interest, but I was kind of glad that we are in the first class to have lunch and there were not other adults in the room at this time.

3 thoughts on “Pac Man Lunch

  1. I only ever played one video game and it was Pac-Man. When I went to the science center in St. Louis with my grandkids they had an entire exhibit-a ‘game room’ filled with all kinds of games from the past including a section of video games that included Pac-Man. And yes, I played for awhile. My grandkids thought it was boring but it was a fun trip down memory lane for me. 🙂


  2. I grew up in the “Pac Man era.” And I always wanted to be good at it, but I never was! I’m glad I don’t work at a school that has a bakery! Too much temptation!

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  3. Mrs. Johnston, you sound like the cool teacher. You made some lovely pictures and sweet conversations come alive in your words. Thanks for sharing.


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