And the lamb comes in….#sol20

Peer pressure is a dangerous thing, and so I am starting my first blog in “The Slice of Life”. The man I live with is a bully and has under gone a journey into teaching writing and then again and stepped into another discipline of social studies. There is a lot more reading there than writing, but writing is nearly every where. I have been the writer in the family most of time, but alas, I have also left my my newspaper writing career behind and returned to teaching again. But instead of teaching writing, as were I started as an English teacher, I have found something a lot more fun. I teach Transition Kindergarten.

Although I do want to say “kudos” to all those teachers who teach children to write and give them the most satisfying avenue of expression – the written word, I have found that 5 year olds are a lot more fun to teach. Perhaps that speaks more to my personal sense of humor, but these little people are hilarious, super excited to learn new things, and have very little fear of being just who they are.

As part of my March Challenge, I have agreed to blog each and everyday about my daily teaching experience and try to fit my teaching into the Slice of Life were we start with the building block of writing – in the alphabet. We also learn basic book concepts with during our daily Read Alouds.

It is Sunday and its is a beautiful March 1st, it is my routine to be lesson planning on the couch with Mozie, the Siamese/Ragdoll cat beside me waiting for phone calls from my two daughters in college at Iowa State and Iowa. Yes, I will end up calling them, but it is a nice day to start my return back to writing, and now I can share all the funny stories about what fills my days with more than my husband who shakes his head and says, “Why are my 6th grades still doing the same things?” touché

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